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At Henshall BJJ, we pride ourselves on having a friendly environment, world class coaching and an atmosphere suitable for everyone, from hobbyists to world champion competitors.

​​​ ​ Learning authentic and substantial self-defense skills geared for the real world is a necessity to protect yourself from serious injury in real fights or dangerous situations, whether your goal is competing at the highest level, getting in shape, or learning something new, Henshall Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will be the place for you.

' Starting something like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be intimidating, at our club we have a real family atmosphere with lots of our students being full families or parent and child all training together, its a friendly club with a passion for teaching and helping people achieve their goals' - Head coach Ste Henshall

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Tired of the same old routine? time to jump into the exciting world of Brazilian jiu jitsu.


Don’t get us wrong, BJJ is a ton of fun… but it’s also hard work! We want our students to learn from a young age what it means to keep trying even when you get tired or can’t get the hang of a technique right away. There’s nothing more rewarding than setting a goal for yourself and finally accomplishing it! We are a family run club with the childrens instructors having their own children in the classes so you can guarantee that our childrens classes are run with sincerity and enthusiasm. Through jiu jitsu we teach children to become confident, healthy in mind and body, strong and capable people.



Beginners courses run throughout the year usually every other month, although beginners are welcome to are normal classes we understand that starting brazilian jiu jitsu can be daunting, so we offer these courses as a way to start and ease your way into BJJ, our syllabus over a 4 week period teaches you the positional hierarchy, submissions, takedowns, escapes and principles of brazilian jiu jitsu in a safe, non competitive environment. Please contact us to see when our next course starts.


At Henshall brazilian Jiu Jitsu, my main priority was to create an environment where people feel at home, welcome and safe, learning BJJ can be challenging, but our classes are structured in a way that everybody, from hobbyist, competitors, 20 something year olds to people in their 60s and above can come and learn this amazing martial art, BJJ done right truly is for everybody and we have made sure that our classes cater to anyone and everyone and we can help you achieve your goals whether that be to loose weight, learn some self defence, or even to be a top competitor, we have you covered.

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Hi! I am the head coach and founder of Henshall Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I founded HBJJ with one goal in mind - a fun, friendly environment of like minded individuals coming together to learn and achieve their personal goals using Jiu Jitsu as a tool to better equipped themselves with self defence skills, be healthier in body and mind and I want to give our students the best, most rewarding learning experience.

I am a black belt under Andy aspinall (father of UFC heavyweight Tom aspinall) and have trained and taught some of the best competitors and fighters to ever come out of the UK, I want everybody who steps foot in Henshall BJJ to feel safe, welcomed and I want all students to achieve their goals no matter what they are I am here to help.

Head coach Ste Henshall

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