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One to one or group private sessions : Image

Are you wanting to give Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a try, but are not sure where to start? Or are nervous about jumping straight into a class? 

A 121 private session might be the perfect starting point for you. 

We have slots available for complete beginners, generally with somebody new to BJJ we cover the positions and why they are what they are, submissions, escapes and what to expect when you join in the regular classes, hopefully giving you some knowledge and putting you at ease as jumping straight into classes when you don’t know what to expect can be intimidating. 

Private 121 sessions are £50 for 1 hour with a highly experienced black belt instructor, we also offer group privates (6 people max) for £100

We have daytime, evening and weekend slots available.

Message us on the phone number below for details or availability. 

One to one or group private sessions : Text
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One to one or group private sessions : Image
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