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Head Instructor

Steven Henshall is the founder of HenshallBJJ. A former MMA champion and BJJ black belt (under Andy Aspinall, father of UFC heavyweight Tom aspinall) Steven has extensive experience in grappling as a whole, competing in some of the biggest Jiu Jitsu events in the UK and a regular on the local competition circuit.

Steven has been lucky enough to train with some of the best MMA fighters and grappler's in the UK, including regular visits to the renowned team Kaobon (home to Darren Till, Mike grundy, Tom Aspinall) and a host of other top level athletes, many signed by the biggest organisations in the world. 

With over a 15 years of experience and still as thirsty for knowledge as ever Steven has an extensive and ever growing arsenal of techniques to share with his students.



Assistant instructor

Ty was one of HenshallBJJ's first students, a very gifted athlete he quickly rose to become one of the best competitors in the country, as an u16 he has British, National, European and World BJJ titles to his name, as well as countless other big competitions and gold medals from regional comps. Now a purple belt and working/training full time at the club Ty assists with both children and adults classes with an exciting arsenal of 'new school' BJJ techniques he also bring his comp experience to help guide the younger students and future competitors here at HenshallBJJ.



Children's wrestling coach

Louis has trained grappling arts since he could barely walk, training BJJ at our club since he was 11 years old and winning national and world BJJ championships as a youth, also an accomplished wrestler winning British titles in freestyle wrestling and is part of the British national squad, he teaches our chidren's wrestling class every Sunday 10-11am
Louis is also available for 121 and small group tuition

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54 graver Lane, Newton heath, Manchester M401qw

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