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Men (generally speaking) struggle making and keeping friends after their mid-twenties, I think the problem is rising to the level of a crisis - a crisis of loneliness and depression - especially for men who focus on work and family have very little left for meaningful friendships, surface level relationships made in the pub or work that’s mainly ‘banter’ passing the time and not much else.

There is no friendships like the ones made in Jiu Jitsu, and it’s why a lot of men of all ages are gravitating to this art - in the pub, restaurants, work or anywhere else conversations amongst men are usually exaggerated claims, chest puffing and made up stories.

All that disappears in a BJJ club, there’s no time for rubbish, if someone has my arm I have to trust they are not going to break it, if they have my neck I have to trust they are going to let go when I tap, the struggle is real, but so is the conversation, the laughs and the friendships.

If you are lonely, please, join your local BJJ club, talking is important, building true bonds with people is more important.

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